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Dc4 gonna be more lit then his album even tho it got the best album of da year hahha views make laugh
Steve Kerr Practice Interview Warriors vs Thunder Game 5 2016 NBA Playoffs
: Tornado hits and destroys 25 homes--some were completely wiped out.
All About Midnight, new song from John Rankin
What Is Red Nose Day? Here’s Everything You Need To Know -
I am so angry with ABC for dropping Nashville the was complete bullshit because they wanted to drop season 5.
$30, 703, 465 donated tonight for . Thank you , , , and all the celebs, sponsors, and America.
Tornado damages at least 20 homes in rural Kansas - via
The music always been trash lol. I dont think there has ever been a more misogynistic piece of trash to make music tbh
S/o to the judge that gave Gucci house arrest. Basically forced to stay in the crib and make hits
OKAY GONNA CHECK i know about country singers only because of nashville tv show lmao
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. - Bill Cosby
Ok so what is Red Nose Day for? I even watched a video but it just says its about Laughing and helping kids that have tough lives ??
This song is going to eat up the summer. Mark my words, bookmark this tweet, etc. did not come to play with you heauxs!
Experience the release of 7/27 around the world with !
em Nashville: /em Lionsgate TV Guarantees Season Five? via
It was Red Nose Day at the studio today raising awareness for impoverished children across the world.
In the gucci purple roadhouse, there was a telephone. And a pink animal fat, and a picture of the kitten jumping over the rat.
I donct know the key to succeks, but the key totftilure is tg try to pleasu everybody. Bill Cosby
Gucci been in jail for idk how long if this man still got a gut imma lose my mind
Fuck and all this bullshit awareness. Go out and make a physical difference or shut the fuck up.
Behind the home crowd, Curry and the take game 5 ( Vine by ) " class="twitter-timeline-link u-hidden" target="_blank" title=" " >
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Penguins top Lightning 2-1 to advance to Stanley Cup Final